Cuisinons l'érable!

Nous savons
conserver la tradition!

Le sirop d'érable Beaurivage - 100% érable !

C'est beau, c'est bon,
c'est Beaurivage!

Le sirop d'érable Beaurivage - 100% érable !

Beaurivage maple syrup

100% maple!

Let's cook!

Preserving Tradition: A Family History

More than a mere product of tradition, maple syrup is an essential part of our culture! Quebec accounts for 71% of the world production of maple syrup.

100% Natural, 100% Sweet!

Four types of high-quality maple syrup for the benefit of consumers!

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Offering top-quality products for the joy and the discerning palate of consumers here and elsewhere.

Maple: From Starter to Dessert

Inspiration recettes

Why settle for refined sugars when you can sweeten naturally with maple products?

Produced in harmony with nature, pure and unrefined, maple syrup naturally contains several minerals. It is absolutely exquisite, as is or cooked.

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